Developing Ledes

After learning last week in our digital journalism class how to develop strong ledes, my classmates and I wrote ledes for articles we are writing, and we posted the ledes on our blogs.

Please take a moment to read the ledes below, and if you have any suggestions, we would appreciate the feedback.

Did June Cleaver Have it Right All Along? –Lori Giddings Lori Giddings poses the question of the importance of family dinners. Read this post and share what you did this week with family dinners. Did everyone eat together?

Jericoacoara: Paradise is Here -Taise Parente Have you heard of Jericoacoara? This article introduces the beautiful vacation spot and includes ideas for sport activities.

Disobey the “Never Have Lunch Alone” Mantra -Joyce Mac When it’s lunchtime at work, do you feel forced to eat with coworkers when you really want to eat alone? Read Joyce’s post to learn why it’s important to feel comfortable with making a lunch decision that works for you.

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