Eli Sanders Deserves the Pulitzer Prize

  After reading “The Bravest Woman in Seattle” by Eli Sanders, it is clear to me that Sanders deserves the Pulitzer Prize for this article. Sanders did an incredible job of weaving quotations throughout his writing to capture the voice of the victim as she tells her story of the horrific events that led to the death of her partner. This writing technique invites the reader to connect and empathize with the person telling the story.

 Sanders also proved himself as a talented writer by taking the time in his article to set the stage of where the tragedy took place and describing the people that were involved. After hooking the reader to connect with the victims, the article began to shock the reader with details of the crime. Sanders could have simply stated the facts about the attacks and killing, but instead, he gave us time to know the victims and invest us in their story.  

“The Bravest Woman in Seattle” is a compelling article that evokes strong emotions and leaves the reader unsettled for days.


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