Query Letter

  During the month of March, Colchester Elementary School recognizes an increase in behavior issues with the children. The cause is unknown, but teachers and counselors speculate that long winters cultivate the problems. The school celebrates Kindness Week to focus on thoughtful deeds rather than troubled arguments. This year, classrooms volunteered to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors.

 There are children in Colchester that would like to go to day camp, but there is no money for camp. There is also little money for food to feed the 150-200 families that visit the Food Bank every week. First and Second grade students collected food and pennies during Kindness Week to help struggling families. They also showed kindness to people in their school by making gifts and saying kind words.

 The article about Kindness Week will have 600-700 words, two images and a video. I will interview teachers and students about the events and let their voices tell the story and compel readers to spread kindness. The article will take two days to write. Currently, I write monthly blog posts for the American Association of School Librarians, write press releases for school events and photograph students at work.

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  1. Your query was a great start. However, I didn’t see a link to the behavioral issues in the article itself. So you might not want to start the query with that. The second paragraph here is filled with wonderful intro detail. You may want to start your article with this, actually. And then continue with your quotes and in-depth details.


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